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Hello there! This is my first beauty product review ever so please bear with my musings. I decided to write a review on a perfume which is basically a tough job since it's really hard to describe a scent! Well, challenge accepted.

Recently, my grandmother came home from Japan and gave me and my mother the famed D&G Light Blue perfume for women. As I read the concept on how "Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana worked closely with Mario Testino" and came up with the scent that will certainly remind you of summer, I was fascinated with their campaign of this fragrance that speaks about Mediterranean love affair.

Let's get first with the packaging, the pastel color was too cool for me to represent sparkling summer days but maybe that was why it was made for, to be cooling to the eyes. I like the elegance of the skin of the box. It was like velvet and smooth to touch! (Don't mind the tear on the upper left corner, my mother was too excited when she opened it! *laughs*)

It comes in two sizes, 100mL and 50mL bottles, the smaller one was mine of course (It's a mother-daughter perfume for me!)

Now let's talk about the scent, the best way to explain it is to compare it with another scent. For me, it would really make you think of heated summer days with it's sharp fruits and flowers scent. At my first smell, I thought it was kinda 'sour' for a perfume because I like sweet smells more than sharp and strong scents. I choose perfumes that represents my personality most of the time. Well, as I've read other reviews, the closest smell to this perfume is of citrus fruits.

So, how long does the D&G Light Blue last? It could last up to 6-8 hours. Since I sprayed it in the morning before I go out, I can still smell it on me until the afternoon.

The price was $52. This was quite reasonable since it's a designer item. This could be perfect for people who really splurge on perfumes. 

Final verdict: (1-lowest, 10-highest)
Packaging - 9/10
Scent - 8/10
Longevity - 8/10

Tell me your experience about this scent if you had one! See you on my next review <3


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  1. Love your review and this bikini Maiko!

  2. Amazing post again <3 ! I like visiting your blog :) !

  3. The bottle is so pretty! I love fruity scents, especially citrusy ones that remind me of summer so I might check this one out next time I go to the city. You did a great job with your first beauty product review post!


  4. I need a new perfume! I will have a look at this the next I shop. :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane