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Preview Style Talks

Last March, I and my stylish friends attended the Preview Style Talks at Makati City. In celebration of Manila Fashion Festival, Preview held seminars with topics of how to start in the fashion industry, creating your own brand and also fashion editorial styling.

It was blast! I mean, I got tons of new knowledge about fashion and of course, a chance to meet the big people in the fashion industry! It makes me want to quit Psychology and change course to anything fashion related studies. 

The first session's speakers were BJ Pascual, one of the famous photographers for fashion magazines; Owen Sarmiento, make-up artist of the celebrities and also Francis Libiran, a famous fashion designer. They spoke about how they got their places in the fashion biz and how they started, their struggles and tips.

The second session was about fashion and styling editorials. This was my favorite part! I really liked how Daryl Chang, the Fashion Director for the Preview Magazine, talked about how they made those editorials. Vince Uy wasn't able to attend to the talk since he was in Russia but he prepared videos for his advices and tips to those people who want to pursue a career in styling.

These were a few of the editorials that were mentioned during the talk. I just choose my favorites! And sorry for the ugly photos, it was really dark inside the place so I couldn't get it good. It was sad that I wasn't able to attend the last session.

The style of Ms. Pauline Juan was really my favorite! She looks so dainty and cute.

Ms. Daryl Chang

Mr. BJ Pascual

Selfie time! 

Well, I got to pose for Preview! Haha, I'm really looking forward to work as an intern for this magazine!

Thank you so much Preview for the wonderful experience :)

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  1. seems like an amazing event!!


  2. You look so adorable! And that's so cool you got to go to such an exciting event!! XO
    -Lauren Blair

    1. Thank you! :) It is really a great experience <3