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Sunday Blues

After almost two weeks, I finally found time to write a new post *insert victorious laugh*. I've been so busy with the final requirements in school that I really forgot about blogging. Well, I still have a week before summer break officially starts! I'll have tears of overwhelming joy by then.

I'm totally loving oranges and trying to pair it up with every color! But of course, I have to make sure it's complimentary with each other. Well, blue and orange is a nice pairing for me.

I wanted to keep the classic pieces I have because I know it'll definitely last a lifetime, and never goes out of trend. 

Truthfully, I never invest in timepieces and designer bags. Duh, I'm a student with a 200-peso allowance each day, (some days, it's 250), how could I possibly afford those? But with the great love of my ever supportive mother and grandmother, I have few designer pieces. This Longchamp bag was a gift to my mom, she doesn't like the color so she gave it to me *smiles triumphantly* and my grandmother, well, she loves fashion as much as I do and knows me too well. I thank God for giving me both of them! How's your week? 

Happy Weekend loves!

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