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#MikkiGalangxInglot Make-up workshop

Color play! In truth, before I go to this event, I know nothing about doing any eye make up, even that eyeliner thing on the eyes which I can't do perfectly *cries* So why would I try eyeshadows then? But this make-up workshop gave me hope.

The workshop was hosted by make-up artist and blogger Mikki Galang

The event runs with a demonstration for each of the make-up tricks and tips. On the photo was the first model for the monochromatic eye shadow colors. Mikki uses a light, and medium pink for her warm toned skin. She explains the basics and uses of color wheel in applying make-up.

For the second model, Mikki uses a darker color which I think is blue and green. These color are adjacent to each other in the color wheel which makes them look fab and stylish whether for make-up or dresses.

She uses complimentary colors on the third model. I think she choose violet and green (I can't remember clearly, haha). I am so amazed of how Mikki is doing it, like the way she brushes the pigments. When I do my own eyes, I always feel like I overdo it. But for her, it looks amazing! Maybe I should practice skills for makeup *sigh*

I really love the makeup of the fourth model! Mostly with the eyes because the Inglot products make them pop and at the same time, highlighting her chinita eyes. Mikki plays with colors here and uses dark shades ( I can't remember the exact color).

Groufie! (though I'm the only one looking at my camera, haha! So many cameras that moment)

Selfie with Mikki Galang! She has amazing hands when it comes to makeup!

Lippies! The store almost has all the shades and all the colors for your lips.

What I really really love! Their collection of nail polish! I remember myself doing nail arts, though that was years ago. But I could never outgrow my love for these cute nail colors!

Inglot's Freedom System. This is really cool since it lets you carry everything you need and you want in one palette! Lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes etc. Thank you Inglot and Mikki for this make-up workshop! I absolutely learned a lot. Thumbs up!

You can visit their Inglot stores at SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia and Glorietta 5.

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  1. fun post, make up is as imp as dress up...xoxo Meg

  2. Love makeup! So fun playing colors :)


  3. Thanks Maiko for this and hope you learned a lot ;)

    1. I do! :D It's great thing meeting you <3 Continue to inspire, Mikki! :)

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