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Loving you was red

Red was always a Christmas color. And who's really really excited for Christmas? Yey! It's not only the new clothes and stuffs, the gifts and all the celebration that I'm excited about. I'm also screaming for joy for the true and most beautiful gift of Christmas, the baby Jesus. It's His birthday, after all!

Now I've learned to changed the sizes of the pictures for my outfit (Yes, I only learned that by now so the photos on my previous posts were in small sizes. Haha so sorry, I'm still trying to learn everything bit by bit *sigh*). 

This red layered outfit is what I wore to my best-groupfriends' (we're known as Octasy because we're eight girls in the group) Christmas Party.

Originally the red top was a shirt, but I cut it short to turn it into a crop top. I got so ecstatic when I realized I could do this layering technique with any shirt that has a closed neck or tight fit in the neck.

Here's a little sneak-peek from my girl group's party with Inno! We're not complete though, sad.

Shoes and red top from Japan (Grandmother's shopping for me). Necklace and collared top from HongKong, one of their bazaars at night market. Pants from bazaars here in Manila and the "Save the Birds" bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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  1. Pretty outfit!


  2. Lovely look!


  3. Such a splendid title, I had to read more! Lovely overall! (:

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