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What I got for Christmas?

So while everybody was busy posting their Christmas outfits, I decided to make my post about the stuffs I bought for Christmas. Here in the Philippines, it's been a tradition for your ninong at ninang (godfather and godmother) to give you aguinaldo/aginaldo (money as a gift). So this is where I spent the money I got from relatives and godfather/mother. The sad thing is, I'm growing up and sooner or later they won't give me money gifts anymore saying it's just for kids. Haha!

Okay so the first thing I've been wanting to buy is this book of Sachiko Umoto, Illustration School: Let's Draw. So obviously, I don't know how to draw that's why I bought this book and I fell in love with it's super cute illustrations!

I know I might get frustrated and waste it all, but still, I took the risk. It's quite pricey for me, since I've never bought a book above 400-500php or $10. I chose this over clothes!

  This book costs 700php or almost $16 (with the sketch pad, 545php or $12 if you only buy the book. But even the sketch pad is so cute you can never resist it!) It also comes with a binder so it's totally perfect!

I really feel this artistic mood so I also bought brushes and watercolor paint. I'm so inspired by different paintings and illustrations I've seen in Pinterest! I've always loved art and fashion and I know I can always get free art lessons through Youtube and many different sites. 

Right now I'm taking blogging courses with Mike Wallagher through Start Blogging Online. What I really like about this is that it doesn't consume too much of your time, it's totally free! You just have to subscribe through email and get your lessons sent to you. Trust me, Mike's a good one. He really replies to my email and answers if I have questions.

I also bought a new bowler hat, since my last one was lost when I traveled to Nueva Ecija with my friends. That's my favorite one, though. 

I bought this for only $5 or 200php at PolyTolyOwie! I like it because the hat is hard enough it can't be deformed, unlike my last one. 

This is the only top I bought from my money. The malls are too crowded! Seriously, I thought we were in a marketplace. It took me two hours to choose from the designs, and it's really hard since I can't see something that really suits my personal style. From muscle tees to cutout tops, I feel like everything was mainstream and I thought everybody will wear same pieces of clothes on Christmas day.

I found that top at Preteen's Section (clothes for ages 10-13). And yes, I'm 19 and I still fit on those clothes since I'm short and lean. I got that for 400php or $10 at the SM Department Store. I didn't bought many clothes this Christmas since my grandmom already shopped for me in Japan, she really knows my style and tastes! I'm just waiting for the package to arrive.

So that's it, have a Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you can share me some of your thoughts and comment below or send me an email! God bless you dear reader! xx

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