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Combining colors is a cute and fun way to style your clothes. Experimenting here and there would let you explore and create more ideas and different kinds of fashion.

We usually see those phrases of "I have nothing to wear" with a picture of a messy wardrobe with plenty of clothes! It always happens to me! But I guess now that I learn mix and matching different tops and bottoms, it's a lot easier. You just have to fit and try everything and see if it looks good.

Try searching in the internet for outfits inspiration if you couldn't think of anything to pair up with a type of top or jeans. I swear, you'll see a lot and it'll even inspire you more to dress up and dress up! As if you're playing those childish online games, but this time you're the doll.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to your closet and explore new choices! Have fun, xx.


Sharlene by Carelli Top, Gifted Dress, SiBeiTu Heels, Disney Watch

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