DIY: "Love Is An Open Door" Valentines Card

Valentines is coming! Love month has always been a celebration for lovers and couples out there, but for those who are single out there, you are never #ForeverAlone! Remember that love can be felt with your family and friends, you don't have to sulk or be bitter on that day. Enjoy the love season by giving special gifts and sweets to your loved ones!

Here is a tutorial on how to make this cool and easy Valentines Day Card, I know nowadays love letters becomes so unusual. But it's always good to make one and that person would certainly appreciate the effort!

Things you need:
Markers, colored pens
Oslo paper or any thick paper (The paper I used here was from my sketchpad. Haha!)
2 pieces of card boards, or small pieces of boxes cut into rectangles
Photograph of anything/anyone you would like to put in

1. Fold the edges of your paper cut in a rectangular shape, you can choose any sizes depending on your taste.

2. Fold it again towards each of the flaps (sorry I'm not really good in finding the correct words for this, huhu) so you could open it like that on the image above.

3. On one piece of the card board, draw the shape of one side of the door.

4. Cut it out and do the same thing with the other piece of the card board, but of course draw the other side! In my case, I forgot that part and draw doors with the same sides so I had to do it again on another piece, haha.

5. Make sure it fits together. You can try other door shapes like a square one. Then start designing your door, you can always look for designs in Pinterest and Google if you want to be more creative with it. 

6. After drawing your designs, paste it in the flaps of the paper and play with it! Hahaha, don't forget to knock.

 7. Excuse our wacky faces, haha. You can write you personal letter on the sides of the photo. I used colored pencils for the designs that's why the colors wasn't so vivid.

Tadaaaa! You can also put it on standing postion, just like a photo frame. I hope you find this DIY interesting, posting more soon! I'll try doing DIY tops or distressed pants. See you soon! 

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