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365 days of Transcendence

December 05, 2014 is the day I decided, finally, to start sharing my fashion ideas and thoughts on a blog. Though this blog haven't achieved many things, I'm proud that I made the choice and take a leap out of my comfort zone. I was afraid that I could not maintain it well or I may not be fashionable enough to do it, but here I am now, styling myself and writing about fashion.

In one year of blogging, I learned many things about personal styles, writing techniques, and of course, the fashion life of bloggers around the world. What I also loved about blogging, is how easy you meet people across other countries, and read their styling tips and experiences. 

There are times when I think it's too much of a burden to shoot photos and write a post. When I got too busy with school and internship (I'm graduating on April, by the way! And yes, I claim it!), I couldn't find time and squeeze in some style posts and of course, some thoughts of, "Maybe I should just stop it." But no, I decided to continue. 

Now, I thank all my readers for being a part of this journey! I appreciate all those people who sent me sweet messages and encouraging me. Thank you! 

Join me for more years of fashion and blogging! :) 



Forever 21 boots, From Japan top, No brand skirt

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  1. I love how your style has grown over the last year. Keep up the good work, I'll continue to follow you! xo

  2. Maiko, congrats for this year blogging! Keep doing it please! :)
    You look gorgeous in this outfit! A big hug!

    Lucia Gallego Blog
    Lucia Gallego Blog Facebook

  3. your shoes match the best! love it