Shades of Pink

Time out for the dressy dresses now! (sounds so redundant) This look was really comfortable and most of all, versatile. 

I usually go to school wearing colored pants or jeans sometimes (because I feel like jeans was too mainstream in a crowd of people, stand out of the crowd, my dear!) 

Pink has always been one of my staple colors on my wardrobe. Matching two different shades of it is an awesome two-some!

What I love in this look is really those gold and cream sandals I got from Jessica, SM Department Store. It's an all-around thing, like you can wear from dresses to the very casual ensembles. It also adds up a shine for your pretty feet!

Stay casual and chic, everyone xx

From Hongkong Colored Jeans, Jessica, SM Dept. Store Sandals, Gift Top

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