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Say Pleats!

Finally I got to post a new outfit! I miss this, seriously (though my last post was just a week ago). It was like hell with all the school projects and researches. Good thing we're going to have a 10-day vacation because of the Papal Visit.

This is my first outfit with a custom-made skirt. It was a design inspired by A-line skirt plus pleated skirt and tadaaaa! I actually requested it to be knee-length or midi so I'll be comfortable wearing it. I'm not really used to mini or short skirts. I like it long or maxi.

Mustard yellow was always my color since I'm not that fair-skinned. It makes me feel whiter. Look at that hair-flip-it pose. So maarte.


Before I had this skirt made, I'm afraid the dressmaker won't be able to make the exact design I showed her. I was thinking it could turn out to be like a school girl's uniform. But so far, I'm happy with the result *clap clap* I'm thinking of having some more of this style of skirt but of course, with a different color or prints.

How do you think about this outfit? Feel free to comment below! :)

Custom-made Skirt | SiBeiTu Heels | Emon Bag

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  1. Love the fresh yellow color!

  2. Gorgeous skirt! Love the color


  3. I love the yellow skirt. It's super cute.


  4. pleats!! Yellow is my fav color and you totally rock it! xo