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Get out of the box!

Blogging is not new to me, I've tried it before. But now that I'm doing it again with a new perspective, ideas and inspirations, it makes me jump with joy and excitement. Yey!

I can't remember when I first fell in love with dressing up but I remember that feeling it gives you when you put up cute dresses and stuffs and feel like a doll everytime, like the ones girls were playing when they're kids. 

Before I started this blog, I had so many fears and doubts for myself. "I'm not flawless, I don't always have new clothes, I don't have enough money to go shopping every week and buy expensive pieces. I don't have a good camera, or I might not find time, maybe I'll get too busy with school works and not be able to update from time to time." And a lot more of excuses and reasons!

But if I don't do it now, I might have be missing something worth the moment. And if not now, when?  I have to overcome my fears and go beyond of my ordinary life. That's when I came up with 

Maybe you've never heard this before or you're not familiar with the word, but in Webster's dictionary, Transcendence or Transcendent means, "going beyond the limits of ordinary experiences ; far better or greater than usual." It's getting out of the box! Out of your comfort zone. 

I'm looking forward to discovering something new and special within me. Also, I believe God has great plans for me and maybe through writing, I pray that God may use me as an instrument tp reach out people's hearts and share the gift of Salvation. I'm more than happy that I can do it together with my love for fashion :)

Mario D' Boro heels, dress from one of the bazaars in Thailand, socks and bag from my grandmom in Japan. I like how the stitch on my heels and bag are terno. 
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